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Volunteer Terms & Conditions

Why Volunteer?

Hedoné is made possible through the commitment and engagement of its participants. We believe that a full Hedoné experience is not only about the celebration, but also about actively taking part in the co-creation as a community.

We're open to applications from everyone who wants to be involved in the Hedoné Seminar 2018 and are willing to take part in the full experience, seeking something more valuable than monetary compensation.


In order to apply for the Hedoné Volunteer Crew 2019, all you have to do is fill out the Volunteer Application Form, which will be open from 1st February to 30th Apr 2018.

Selection and Recruitment

The applications received will be processed as they come in. The selected candidates will receive a confirmation of participation with further information asap. If by any chance you decide to withdraw your participation, please inform us so we can take the necessary measures. Check-in information and shift schedule will be sent to you prior to the festival via email in a timely manner so you can plan accordingly.


All Volunteers are required to pay a deposit equal to the amount of the regular ticket price (130€). This can be done via PayPal or Bank Transfer within seven days after your participation is confirmed. Failure to do so will automatically cancel your participation. If there are any issues and you need more time to pay or to pay in instalments, please get in touch with us so we can try to come up with a solution that is reasonable.

The deposit is to ensure that the shifts are completed. For each shift, there is check-in and check-out protocol with your crew manager. Your deposit will be returned to you after you have completed your shifts.


Important note regarding cancellations: We hope you don't but in case you need to withdraw your participation, please send us an email at as soon as you can. Any cancellations made after 5th June 2018 are not eligible for a deposit refund. For those that cancel after this date, deposits are kept to cover administrative costs associated with last minute changes to hiring and scheduling.

What are the shifts like for volunteers?

All volunteers are required to work a total of 12 or 14 total hours (2 shifts of either 6 or 7 hours). Depending on your availability you can help before, during and after the seminar.

Volunteers that come before and after will support the construction, pre-production, dismantling and post-production.

Volunteers helping during the seminar will support the overall maintenance, flow and preservation of the event and environment.


Volunteers are encouraged to take either the train (Berlin - Reszpin) or a shuttle bus from Berlin to Debrznica that will be organized by the collective. Transportation costs will not be covered.


Volunteers can camp in the designated areas of the Festival and are expected to bring their own equipment (tent, sleeping bag, etc.).

Volunteer Care

During the festival, volunteers can rely on the Volunteer Care Team in case of any questions or concerns.

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