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Hedoné Manifesto

We are rooted in the philosophy of Ethical Hedonism. Based on the work of 18th-century moralist Nicolas Chamfort, philosopher Michel Onfray defined ethical hedonism as “an introspective attitude to life based on taking pleasure yourself and pleasing others, without harming yourself or anyone else.”

The philosophers Aristippus of Cyrene and Epicurus were pioneers of this school of thought in ancient Greece. Epicurus believed that the greatest good was to seek modest, sustainable pleasure in the form of a state of tranquility and freedom from fear (ataraxia) and absence of bodily pain (aponia). The combination of these two states is thought to constitute happiness in its highest form. Although Epicureanism is a form of hedonism, since it declares pleasure as the sole intrinsic good, its advocacy of a simple life distinguishes it from mainstream perceptions of hedonism.

At Hedoné we agree with Epicurus´ proposition to lead a simple lifestyle and follow a self-sufficient path to happiness. Love and friendship play a fundamental role, as do stimulating meetings with like-minded thinkers. We want to identify natural pleasures and cultivate them in a safe space away from unnatural pleasures that only afford empty and fleeting happiness. We hope our attitude inspires people on their quest to free their souls from the conventions and prejudices that prevent them from being the happiest version of themselves.

Our Methods


In our seminars, we share not only our philosophy but also techniques to help people achieve the state of ataraxia, or freedom from fear. Participants are offered introductory workshops to different techniques that can aid individuals in increasing their levels of harmony, balance and overall well-being. Practices that help us get in touch with our bodies and our subtle energies such as Yoga, Shiatsu and Reiki are among the selection of courses. We also consider nutrition paramount for our bodily and mental plentitude and so we introduce attendees to the concept of nurturing, which maintains food is more than just calories, more than just fuel, but an actual medicine and a key element for happiness.

Love and sex are amongst the most basic natural pleasures.  Sexuality inspires, energizes, and draws us into passionate love affairs not just with our partners but also with ourselves and the world around us. Therefore we offer various Tao and Tantra laboratories to enhance our awareness, soften our bodies and release blockages that cover up desires and needs, revealing our hearts´ most pressing emotions.

Music and sound are other tools used in our seminars. Music is a vibrational state that has the ability to raise and alter our state of consciousness. Sound therapy has been scientifically proven in various clinical trials as an effective treatment for insomnia, depression, anxiety, lack of concentration and other ailments. We invite all participants to dance and celebrate with us to the sound of a selection of talented DJs and musicians who will tailor an involving sound experience at our performatic GALA

A vital ingredient of our seminar is art. Art is a means of personal development, self-knowledge and emotional expression. Therefore during the seminars we will have the opportunity to explore pleasure through art in different facets.

Finally, based on the belief that helping others generate happiness, the profit raised in our seminars will be use to create artistic tools to eradicate genital mutilation, a barbarian practice and an attack against pleasure.


Our Principles

We are a universal gathering, and as such we are focused on providing a space - physical and spiritual - where all ages, all identities, all orientations are welcomed. Our collective of organizers and volunteers has been planning and training to ensure Hedoné gatherings are a space of joy, inclusiveness, and inspiration. For that reason, we are observing the following code: 

We Enjoy More With Consent

Sexuality is just one of the many aspects of hedonism that will be explored and celebrated at the event.

Our community is guided by Ethical Hedonism, and thus we expect attendees to treat each other with joy and respect, and to respect physical personal boundaries and safe spaces.

We Celebrate all Body Types 

We live in a society where some people and body shapes have more representation than others. We welcome the free expression of all bodies. Racism, xenophobia, body-shaming, and other toxic behavior are not tolerated.

We Take Care of Each Other

The intensity of the moment can unleash a wide range of emotions. Our community is expected to take care of their and others’ physical, emotional, and mental well-being, including being aware if someone’s having a bad time or seems incapable of taking care of themselves (and notifying someone if so).

We Guard Each Other’s Privacy

What is seen or heard at the event stays at the event. This includes being mindful of where and when you take photos or videos, particularly around nudity.

We Respect the Space

We encourage everyone to clean after themselves and be proactive in helping protect the area we are lucky to enjoy.


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