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About us

Hedoné is an art movement and trans-local community celebrating the joys and pleasures of the body, spirit and mind.


We cultivate and practice the ethos of Ethical Hedonism, which is based on the belief that transformative change, whether in the individual or in society, can occur only through in-depth personal participation.

We aim to deconstruct the misconceptions surrounding hedonism by shining a light on its ethical aspects. We empower those that want to be free from the conventions and prejudices that keep them and others from experiencing joy and pleasure and from being the happiest version of themselves.

Our vision is to create a global network of conscious individuals and intentional spaces liberated to experience and enjoy pleasure consciously. 

Hedoné is a Social Purpose Organization designed to serve the growing ethical hedonist community and society as a whole. We aim to raise awareness on ethical hedonism and fight crimes against pleasure through art, activism, education and celebration on three different levels. 

Individual Level

Those on a journey towards

Ethical Hedonism


We provide immersive spaces and experiences rooted in Ethical Hedonism, where we can learn & practice a sex-positive, radically inclusive lifestyle in harmony with ourselves and our environment.

Community Level

Those that facilitate the journey

A community of artists, healers, and other conscious professionals form the backbone of our events and interventions. Hedoné offers a space for them to share their art and connect to their  community.

Societal Level

Those experiencing or 

at-risk-of sexual violence

Through our art projects destined to inspire changes, we pledge to collaborate with other non-profit organizations that fight female genital mutilation or sexual violence, and support victims of such abuse.

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