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Terms & Conditions

The purchase of a ticket through this portal means acceptance of  all below conditions.

To gain entrance to the event’s first day at Holzmarkt, you must show any valid identification document  (ID, Passport or Driving License) at the Welcome Desk in order to receive your . The accreditation will be valid for the 2 days. In the second day, an EU identification card or passport (passport required for non EU participants) will be necessary for the journey to Poland as it may be required by the border police.
1.1 The Organisation has the right to deny entrance or expel any ticket holder in the following circumstances:
1.1.1 No valid Identification Document provided.
1.1.2  Any ticket holder who displays violent behaviour or publicly incites hate/prejudice on the basis of race, sex, religion, opinion, handicap, sexual orientation, gender or any other social/personal condition and/or circumstance will be immediately expelled and reported to authorities.
1.1.3 Sexual harassment and/or abuse will not be tolerated and will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.
1.1.4 No weapon or objects which can be used as weapons will be permitted in the venue. Garments with symbols that are offensive or incite fascist/racist/extremist ideas will not be allowed.
1.1.5  Any ticket holder who refuses to comply with instructions given by organisation personnel or security and creates a disturbance or a situation of risk for himself and/or third members will be immediately expelled. Any damage or injury caused will be his/her responsibility and will be dealt with legally.

You are contracting with:
HEDONÉ e.VKreutzigerstraße 2810247 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0)1635977079

3.1 The purchasing procedure starts with the selection of 3 workshops, one for each timeslot.
3.2. Next it is necessary to introduce your purchasing CODE in the required field. Once you have introduced your CODE, you can proceed with the purchase of tickets. If you want to attend this Seminar, but don’t have a CODE, please contact us throw the contact form and we will explain you the procedure to get one.
3.4. You will need to fill out a registration form that includes your personal data and other information.
3.5 Once you have accepted these terms and conditions, you will be able to place your order. After payment you will receive a confirmation email.

The purchase of the Hedonistic Seminar ticket means the acceptance of the following conditions:
4.1 Tickets are non-refundable.
4.2. In case you cannot attend the event, it is possible to transfer the ticket to another person. To change the registered name, please contact the organisation.
4.3 In case the event is cancelled, a full refund will be given to ticket holders.
4.3.1 The event as a whole will only be considered cancelled if more than FIFTY PER CENT OF THE PROGRAM is cancelled. Any cancellation will be due to collaborators or artists contracted by the organisation being unable to honour their contract.
The organisation reserves the right to alter the program in case a collaborator running a workshop is unable to perform at the Seminar for reasons beyond the control of the organisation. The organisation will look for a suitable replacement.
Bad weather, natural disasters, German airspace closure or any act of nature will not lead to ticket refunds.
4.4. You consent for the handling of your personal data, which are subject to our privacy policy outlined in the following clause:
4.5 The attendee recognises that he/she may appear on images taken by different media and that these may be used for informative or promotional purposes and that he/she authorises such use.
The images can appear on Internet meaning that their diffusion may be uncontrolled.
4.6 In the case where images are collected by HEDONÉ e.V, we will inform you that your personal data is included in files under the responsibility of HEDONÉ e.V. in order to facilitate the purchase of tickets and/or related matters. You have the right to access, rectify, cancel or refuse the handling of your data by sending an email to or by mail to the office at Kreuzigerstraße 2810247 Berlin. The data you provide is authentic. Registration under the age of 18 is forbidden.
When you make the payment your details will automatically be provided to the company that manages payment by credit card and to the bank.

5. All intellectual property and image rights are reserved. Filming, recording or broadcasting inside the venue may not be permitted in designated areas, except by express authorisation of Management.

6. For any questions or information you can check the Hedonistic Seminar website. For parties interested in collaborating, please use the form available on the website.

7. The contractual language is English

8. This document in which you accept the conditions is filed in our system. You have access to your data for one month during which time you can print it and save it in your system.

You are purchasing via Hedoné e.VOffice:Kreuzigerstraße 2810247 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0)1635977079

HEDONÉ e.V can cancel or modify any of the previous conditions or report incidents, in which case HEDONÉ has the right to inform the public through whatever channels it consider to be adequate.

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