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Past events


Hedoné Paris 2019

Hedone came to France and created a magical bubble of workshops, dance, music, and connection in the beautiful countryside of Paris.

Hedone Ozen100.jpg

Hedoné Tulum 2019

Our first retreat in the Mexican jungle,

5 days of healing and celebration




Hedoné · Los Angeles 2018


Hedoné once again created magic in this city of angels.

With dance, music & ritual.

Sagrada Feminina

Garbicz Festival 2018

For this edition of our beloved Garbicz Festival, Hedoné

installed its little temple called "Sagrada Feminina" where wedding ceremonies, concerts, dj sessions and spiritual activities took place. On Saturday 4th August, our now traditional Hedo parade took place carrying the statue of sacred feminine.

Hedoné Seminar 2018



 Hedoné Seminar 2018 took place in the beautiful palace of Debrzinca and invited around 300 guests to learn, and celebrate the simple pleasures of life. 

2 days of education and 2 days of hedo-gala are the base of this life changing experience.

Hedoné · AfDWegbassen Demonstration 2018


Hedoné collective joined to supprt epic protest organized by the Berliner clubs against the AFD on

27th May under the motto "Bass instead of hate"

Hedoné ·

Karneval der Kulturen 2018

Hedonistic culture also walked along this traditional Berliner parade,  a dj booth on a bike trailer and earth inspired outfits were our way to express our philosophy.

Hedoné · May Day 2018


May Day in Kreuzberg refers to the street fairs and demonstrations organized by leftist and extreme-left groups in Berlin's borough Kreuzberg on the 1st of May.

Hedoné aim to bring light and hope instead of heat.


Hedoné Anniversary 2018


The 2018 edition of the Hedoné Anniversary brought back that spiritual halo and became a magical encounter between wonderful creatures, elves, fairies, mythological beings and deities yet to be known, in search of extraordinary experiences and states of mind.

Hedoné LA 2017

2017 was the year in which Hedoné crossed the Atlantic ocean. After Poland, part of our team embarked on an adventure and a mission: planting a Hedoné seed in the “New World.” L.A., the City of Angels, was the ground chosen for our initiation and celebration, 

Hedoné  · Garbicz Festival 2017

 Hedoné hosted an art installation intended to be a safe place to relax,  meet new and old Hedo friends, get or give a massage, body painting and festive makeup.

On the 3rd of August, the Hedo parade took place, making the festival even more festive!

Hedoné Seminar 2017

The first day of the Seminar took place at Holzmarkt25 in Berlin. It was a day dedicated to education and to theoretical and practical exploration of different forms of pleasure. The second day was dedicated to putting theory into practice through a celebration that took place at Debrznica Palace in Poland just two hours drive from Berlin.


Hedoné ·

Castello Festival 2017

For the Castello festival our team created and decorated three different rooms in a mix of our traditional hedoné aesthetic with light effects and projections. The areas were designed for the festival goers to have a break from dancing, get a massage or glittered up by our crew members.

Art Exhibition 

“From Pleasure To Hapinness”

First Hedoné Art Exhibition took place at the Art Gallery 2OG, located in the Alte Münze from 16th to 23rd June, 2017.

Hedoné Demonstration ·

“Don't Cut The Flower”

Hedoné demonstration against Female Genital mutilation took place on 4th July, 2017 in the streets of Berlin-Kreuzberg.