Upcoming experiences

  • Join the Hedoné Berlin CREW
    Mi., 15. Sept.
    15. Sept., 11:00 – 20. Sept., 17:00
    Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    This is the form for enthusiasts who believe in transformational nature of deep personal participation and wish to donate their time, energy and love to co-create Hedoné Seminar 2021.
  • Hedoné Seminar 2021
    Mi., 15. Sept.
    Beautiful Castle close to Berlin
    15. Sept., 16:00 – 20. Sept., 15:00
    Beautiful Castle close to Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    This 4th edition of our annual Hedonè seminar will focus on "The Art of Kindness", our intention is to experience delight and inspire kindness for yourself, others, the world and encourage us all to cultivate the joys of kindness in daily life.