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Hedone has been running public for the past 3 years and as steadily we are growing, we want to increase the impact we have in the world.


Hedone is a volunteer-based community with teammates working year-round, artists and facilitators. gifting their time to create these parallel universes for you. These generous gifts of talent free up a lot of the costs we otherwise would have had, so we can reinvest into hedone and into organizations working important projects locally in countries where FGM is heavily occurring.


As our stage is awareness-raising, our current aim is to develop further and spread the message. Thus, we have to make sure we have funds left as working capital for more of our experiences to be able to take place around the world.

The money we raise from ticket revenue is currently only covering the expenses of the event itself, this after a conscious choice of not wanting to high ticket prices that might exclude some part of the public.

A big part of our impact is to raise awareness and it is important that our workshops are open to everyone.


Even so, we have been able to donate:


  • 2016: 2000€ to Desert Flower Foundation

  • 2017: 500€ to Sister Fa

  • 2018: 1000€ to Sister Fa

  • 2019: 5000€ investment in infrastructure for our current main social impact project - Pilgrimage of the Sagrada Femenina.


​Pilgrimage of the Sagrada Femenina

¨A message of women’s empowerment & a call to stop crimes against pleasure through art¨


Hedoné has a unique approach to change the perception of Female Genital Mutilation using Psychomagia.


¨Psychomagia is a form of therapy proposed by A. Jodorowsky, who recommends the cure of blockages and traumas through artistic methods that speak directly to the unconscious.¨


Hedoné is creating a Multisensorial therapeutic experience that will travel around the high-risk areas through collaborations with local NGOs and activists. This transformational process will have 3 steps that we will apply to big groups of community members when we gather them in their villages around music and food.

  1. Starting with dance technique that uses sensation and feeling, creating a visual mirror to look at one's connection to their judgement (mind), connection to one's body and expression. A combination of ritual, meditation, and release aim to estimulate the liberation of serotonin.

  2. Meditation follows with aromatherapy and binaural Gamma sound vibrations to prepare the mind to receive new information; brainwaves are closely associated with data processing and attention, those frequencies are linked to the sensory process.

  3. Audiovisual experience in a cinesphere projecting a short animation film “DON’T CUT THE FLOWER”, that using association technique, aims to alter the judgement of the female genitalia from shame to natural and sacred, a VR film that will mix different visual techniques and will use music as a communicator. We will mostly use digital animation art. Content will be produced by a collective of visual artists and curated by partnering local activists from Senegal (Sister Fa).


We are proud of these donations and all of our work and hope to contribute with our art & Technology project

to the eradication of FGM that take thousands of girls lives every year.



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