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The Hedoné Experience

The Hedoné experiences last 1-5 days and are curated to bring hedonistic ideals into a collective reality.
Our immersive journey is based on two areas, knowledge and celebration, professionally guided by our community of healers, teachers, local and international artists. We use ethical products, bespoke design and interactive art to enhance our collective journey. 


The introductory part of the Hedoné experience is for gathering and sharing rational and emotional knowledge. It includes intimate talks and discussions by experts on topics that aid those on the quest to free their hearts and souls from the inhibiting constructions of society; art exhibitions and performances; and workshops that present techniques and practices that support a loving (re)connection of the participants with a more harmonious, freer version of themselves – as well as with one another. 


The second part of the seminar is a collective artistic experience inspired by Psychomagic, and consists of a performative initiation into an alternate reality, introducing individuals to newly acquired consciousness into practice enhancing the spirit and the soul. People are encouraged to express themselves through a musical program, interactive performances, guided group experiences and wellness spaces. In addition to the program, other surprises will be taking place... 


The ambience of the celebration is inspired by the poem “De Rerum Natura”, an ode to ethical hedonism. Elements that symbolise the beauty of the botanical world will be the main components of the decoration and dress code. Apart from flowers, feathers, shells, etc… light colored fabrics (white, cream, beige, silver) are strongly encouraged. Body paint and bio-glitter are welcome. We also love skin! Transparency and nudity are encouraged and celebrated. Hedoné welcomes individuals of all race, age and  gender to explore radical expression under the theme of divine femininity and the motto “don’t cut the flower” in order to maintain enchanted atmosphere and co-create a living painting - mass performance against Female Genital Mutilation. 


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