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Hedoné Seminar 2024
How to get started

Dear Hedoangel,


Thank you for supporting the movement with your generosity and participation at the Hedoné Seminar 2024! Below you will find the most important information related to our gathering. 

We are delighted to announce that the 7th edition of our Hedoné Seminar will be an extraordinary exploration of love's multifaceted facets and connections beyond the ordinary. We welcome all genders, sexual orientations, and colors, embracing diversity in our land of Paciforia, where mysticism and tangible beauty converge in a celebration that embraces a peaceful way of living. Through enlightening talks, workshops, and immersive experiences, we'll journey into luminal harmony, where the principles of peace, radical inclusion, and boundless love gracefully intertwine. Experience the tranquil heartbeat of Paciforia, where the very essence of serenity invites you to release the burdens of the external world. Indulge in the pleasures of ethical hedonism, deriving joy from consciously chosen experiences that honor the interconnectedness of all living things. In the embrace of Paciforia, the divine feminine is honored through rituals and artistic expressions, embodying nurturing and intuitive forces that shape our existence.  Together, let us co-create a world where the principles of ethical hedonism guide us towards a future of profound harmony and enduring peace.

For ongoing announcements before and during the event please join our Telegram Channel.


The Hedone Seminar 2024 is taking place from July 24th at 1pm, to July 29th at 8pm, 2024 in a dreamy location near Halle, at Schloss Burgscheidungen. Schloßbergstraße 56 (06636) Laucha an der Unstrut. Please keep the location secret.

Check-in times to the castle are only possible from Wednesday to Friday between 10am and 22pm. Gates close at 22pm, please keep this in mind when you plan your arrival. Once you enter the event location, it is not possible to go out of the property unless you are leaving for good.



Our Immersive journey culminates with the Hedo-gala on Saturday, a celebration which is a mass performance representing the poem "From the nature of things" Guided by our motto "love the Flower" and the affirmation that pleasures are natural, we dress ourselves in elements inspired by nature and light.

Review our Pinterest for inspiration.

Other than flowers, feathers, shells, etc… light-colored fabrics (white, cream, beige, gold, silver, pale pink) are a good companion to your outfit in the representation of light. Dark colors elements or textiles during the Seminar, and especially the gala are not allowed. Body paint and bio-glitter are welcome. We also love skin! Transparency and nudity are celebrated. We expect all participants to comply with the dress code in order to maintain our enchanted atmosphere and to co-create a living painting. 

Gala- Attire is required only from the Opening Ceremony on Saturday afternoon until the closure on Monday.

From Wednesday to Saturday just come colorful, light, and comfortable! (dark colored attire is not welcome in the space)


To make sure the dress code is not an obstacle, a collective dress-up action will take place where our Aphrodite squad members will help you become your enchanted self. Bio Glitter, face/body paint and styling advice from the assistants of the Goddess of Beauty. Nonetheless, we encourage you to get creative and prepare in advance!

For you to enjoy a fabulous celebration, we offer our workshop “The Fantasy Lab” where you will be able to create your own Headpiece and take it home. This Workshop has an entry fee of 40€ p/p to cover costs of materials.

Our event indoors is barefoot. If you are worried about cold feet please bring house shoes or comfy socks ;) 



“Hedo Gold'' is the currency of this event. You will be able to pay with a cashless bracelet on the site. We will provide you with top-up options closer to the event, please come back to this page to get the latest updates.


Definitely a FUN - SAFE! - and SUSTAINABLE- way to come and return is our Bus shuttle services from Berlin Ostbahnhof to the venue. We will offer a tickets for a shuttle service shortly. Please keep an eye on this page for updates.

Train: Train is another eco-friendly way to reach the castle from Berlin. Take the DB from Berlin to Leipzig, Leipzig to Naumburg Saale, and then to KIRSCHEIDUNGEN station (4:30h). 


Private car: Free parking spots outside the venue are very limited. If coming by car, we strongly encourage sharing the ride with fellow hedonists to reduce environmental impact! A car-sharing group can be found here.


Parking space inside the venue is very limited and a car/campervan pass must be purchased here



There is a beautiful free camping area surrounding the castle where you can bring your own tent to and enjoy nature. We invite everyone to embrace the comfort of nature and camp. The camping area will have toilets, you will find showers inside the castle. 

This year we also have the HEDO HOSTEL: Located in the garden, 100m from the castle, 28 small and cozy double rooms along 2 corridors on 2 floors. Booking and information on this website.


“Glamping” at Hedonia Camp comes at an extra cost.

Please plan your sleeping arrangements by visiting this website and selecting your accommodation options.

Please note:

Check-in times to the castle are only possible from Wednesday to Friday between 10am and 22pm.


No pets allowed at the location




Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, fresh juices, and herbal shots will be sold separately at designated bars. 


We will have a kitchen that will serve three vegan meals a day. In addition, our chefs are preparing an extraordinary naked vegan gourmet event, where you not only will be enchanted by the aphrodisiac food on your plate, but you are going to journey through an experience full of performances and surprises. 

You are allowed to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and snacks (cooking areas are not available).

Our event is partially funded by the sales of the bar. We ask you to kindly understand and cooperate.  




The schedule will be published on here by Sunday July 21th. You will be able to review the program.


For this event you can choose which workshops you want to participate in during the event. There will be a few workshops that require pre-registration and additional fees. Pre-booking extra experiences will be available shortly. 



Please watch this video to get a little introduction on the topic.



  1. Consent is a Must. It is an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision by each participant; It is voluntary, and revocable at any time. Consent cannot be given when a person is incapacitated. We do not tolerate any kind of sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or abusive behavior. Be the highest, most loving and respectful version of yourself!

  2. Leave No Trace. Ethical hedonists are protectors of the earth, guardians of the oceans, worshippers of Pachamama. We encourage you to bring your own cup/water bottle, if necessary, use bio glitter and always leave places cleaner than you found them. Single-use plastic is not permitted. Smokers: use a portable ashtray. 

  3. Be a Hedoangel. Beautiful souls overseeing that magic and safety are maintained throughout the party, Hedoangels are guards of high vibes who take care of the space and one another. Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, harassment or abusive behavior is not tolerated at this event.  Anything understood as such, as well as any violation of consent, will not be tolerated.

  4. Gifting. Hedone is a participatory co-creational event. Guests are encouraged to bring and share their gifts with the community. Spontaneous performances, interactive games, gourmet treats, etc…are all welcome and appreciated.. Be your funky avatar!  


Hedoné offers a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and personal development. Our head of well-being, Chris Hardy, is offering further support to participants through an ‘Ethical Hedonist’ coaching programme. This is designed to help you make the most of the experience and to navigate the event in a safe and fulfilling way.
Amongst other things you’ll learn how to:
+ Avoid relationship meltdowns by using proven communication techniques
+ Express your boundaries and desires clearly and support those around you to also
+ Connect with other people attending the event and learn from the community
+ Have the most enjoyable and expansive experience possible
You can book your spot and find out more information about that shortly


We will offer a variety of one-on-one sessions for an extra fee during the event at the SPA area. Registration for the healing sessions will occur at the healing area during the event. Please re-visit this page soon for an upcoming booking tool.


The Bazaar will showcase a selection of independent designers and their special creations. 


To create a safe space, we do not allow pictures taken during workshops and after the opening ceremony.

We will have a photo booth area where you can use your phone to take photos with your friends and some nice photographers on site.


If you do not want pictures taken of yourself, please let info point or welcome point know and they will give you a special bracelet.


  • Water bottle and a cup

        we don’t give out cups at the bar, please bring your own or buy one from us at the location (10€)

        please bring a metal or multi-use-plastic cup, not glass, as people are mainly barefoot

        minimum 0,3l

  • Your plate and cutlery. As part of our efforts to create an environmentally friendly space, we will not be providing single-use dishes. A limited amount of plates and cutlery will be available for purchase at our info-point at the event.

  • Yoga mat

  • Meditation pillow (optional)

  • Bug spray/ Sunscreen

  • It gets cold at night - please bring warm clothes and a sleeping bag

  • Hedo-gala outfit and/or materials (eg. sequins, feathers, fabrics, etc.) to create your attire

  • Organic personal hygiene products, lets take care of ourselves and nature without harmful chemicals!

  • Camping gear and warm sleeping gear, the evenings will get cold

  • A basic first-aid kit 

  • Slippers - The floors of the castle are made of stone and tend to be pretty cold. Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the castle. 

  • Cash & Credit Card



Nothing is more important in a conscious sex life than practicing safe sex. Caring for the health of our partners and ourselves is the highest form of (self-)respect one can exercise. Therefore we at Hedoné recommend and encourage all of our members and followers to not only use protection but also to get tested regularly. Please find a few health centers in Berlin that accommodate patients of all orientations and identities for visits without appointments:


Praxis City Ost

Tel. 030 29363950

Gubener Str. 37, 10243 Berlin


Dr. Cordes

Tel. 030 97002288

Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin


Medical Center Nollendorf Platz

Tel. 030 21967650

Nollendorfplatz 3-4 10777 Berlin


For emergency cases & cancellations, please contact Please note that the tickets are non-refundable. Each request for cancellation will be heard and considered in accordance with it's circumstances. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you!


With Love, 


Hedoné Team



Photo by @efy.artist

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