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Hedoné Convention 2024
How to get started

Dear Hedonista,


Thank you for supporting the movement with your generosity and participation at the Hedoné Convention 2024! Below you will find the most important information related to our gathering. 

This year's theme, One Consciousness, delves deeply into spiritual hedonism, without pledging allegiance to any specific religion. Instead, we celebrate the vast tapestry of spiritual beliefs, rejoicing in what is undeniably sacred within all of us: our Divine essence. As individuals, we navigate life, collecting memories, emotions, and thoughts. Yet, when viewed from a cosmic lens, we are all facets of a singular consciousness, expressing itself in myriad ways, through diverse experiences. Every soul is a reflection of another. Look deep into another's eyes, and you might just catch a glimpse of yourself. Speak with tenderness, and the universe might echo it back to you. It's within this journey that we recognize the embodiment of our sacral body. When I love you, I embrace the love within me. And in the ultimate act of shared bliss, when I pleasure you, it is my senses that are set aflame...

For ongoing announcements before and during the event please join our Telegram Channel.

Time & location

The Hedone Convention 2024 is taking place from Thursday May 9th at noon, to Monday May 13th at noon, 2024 in the Château du Feÿ (Lieu-dit Château du Feÿ, 89300 Villecien). Please keep the location secret.

Check-in times to the castle are only possible on Thursday between noon and 10pm and Friday between 8am and 10pm. No entry can be done after Friday night. Once you enter the event location, it is not possible to go out of the property unless you are leaving for good.



Our Immersive journey culminates with the Hedo-gala on Saturday, a celebration which is a mass performance representing the poem "From the nature of things" Guided by our motto "Love the Flower" and the affirmation that pleasures are natural, we dress ourselves in elements inspired by nature and light.

Review our Pinterest for inspiration.

Other than flowers, feathers, shells, etc… light-colored fabrics (white, cream, beige, gold, silver, pale pink) are a good companion to your outfit in the representation of light. Dark colors elements or textiles during the Seminar, and especially the gala are not allowed. Body paint and bio-glitter are welcome. We also love skin! Transparency and nudity are celebrated. We expect all participants to comply with the dress code in order to maintain our enchanted atmosphere and to co-create a living painting. 

Gala- Attire is required only from the Opening Ceremony on Saturday afternoon until the closure on Monday.

Sunday is Pink Glory, where pink angelic fluffy creatures are welcome, specific Pink Glory Moodboard here.

From Thursday to Saturday just come colorful, light, and comfortable! (dark colored attire is not welcome in the space).


To make sure the dress code is not an obstacle, a collective dress-up action will take place where our Aphrodite squad members will help you become your enchanted self. Bio Glitter, face/body paint and styling advice from the assistants of the Goddess of Beauty. Nonetheless, we encourage you to get creative and prepare in advance!

For you to enjoy a fabulous celebration, we offer our workshop “The Fantasy Lab” where you will be able to create your own Headpiece and take it home. This Workshop has an entry fee of 40€ p/p to cover costs of materials. Please refer to the validation email you received to book the workshop beforehands, or come to the info point once on site.

Our event indoors is barefoot. If you are worried about cold feet please bring house shoes or comfy socks ;) 

Hedo Gold


“Hedo Gold'' is the currency of this event. You will be able to pay with a cashless bracelet on the site. We will provide you with top-up options closer to the event and onsite. After the event, you will be able to ask for refund until June 15th, with a 5€ processing tax.


You have different ways to come to the Castle:


By plane

Land in Roissy CDG or Orly Airport, avoid Beauvais as it is very far away from the castle. Then head to Paris to take one of the following options.

By car

Go to Château du Feÿ, Lieu-dit, 89300 Villecien.

Please help reduce our carbon footprint and meet beautiful people on the way by carpooling thanks to this link (if not working please try from a smartphone).


By train + shuttle

Take the train from Gare de Lyon or Bercy and get out at Gare de Joigny, a shuttle will then bring you from the Gare de Joigny station to the castle according to this Shuttle Schedule.

If no shuttle is available, you can order a cab from Gare de Joigny to Château du Feÿ from the station (numbers in the previous link) or connect with a nice car driver.

Fresh information about shuttles will be posted live in the Telegram Info Group (this link may work better on smartphone).


Parking space inside the venue is very limited and a car/campervan pass must be purchased with the same link with which you purchased your ticket. 



There is a beautiful free camping area surrounding the castle where you can bring your own tent and enjoy nature. We invite everyone to embrace the comfort of nature and camp. The camping area includes toilets and warm showers. 

You have the option to stay in a room in the castle (sold-out) or in the cottage (one 4 person-room available).

You can also book a beautiful glamping tent (2 or 4 people) or a bed in a shared glamping tent. 

Please refer to the validation email you received to book a room, a tent or an RV parking spot (we will need some infos for that).


A few camper-van options are available on demand (please send an email to


No pets are allowed at the location.


Food & Drinks

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, teas from around the world and curated coffees will be sold separately at designated areas.


The kitchen will serve three beautiful vegan meals each day.


In addition, our chefs and experience designers are preparing an extraordinary Sensual Dinner Experiencea sensual journey of bodies, minds and souls, for a night of pure pleasure, indulgence and performances, where all your senses will come alive (reservations online with the ticket).

You are allowed to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks and snacks (cooking areas are not available).


Our event is partially funded by the sales of the bar and the kitchen. We ask you to kindly understand and cooperate.  



The program for the event is available here: Paris 2024 Program

Guiding Principles To The Event

  1. Consent is a Must. It is an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision by each participant; It is voluntary, and revocable at any time. Consent cannot be given when a person is incapacitated. We do not tolerate any kind of sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or abusive behavior. Be the highest, most loving and respectful version of yourself!
    Please watch this video to get a little introduction on the 

  2. Leave No Trace. Ethical hedonists are protectors of the earth, guardians of the oceans, worshippers of Pachamama. We encourage you to bring your own cup/water bottle, if necessary, use bio glitter and always leave places cleaner than you found them. Single-use plastic is not permitted. Smokers: use a portable ashtray. 

  3. Be a Hedoangel. Beautiful souls overseeing that magic and safety are maintained throughout the party, Hedoangels are guards of high vibes who take care of the space and one another. Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, harassment or abusive behavior is not tolerated at this event.  Anything understood as such, as well as any violation of consent, will not be tolerated.

  4. Gifting. Hedone is a participatory co-creational event. Guests are encouraged to bring and share their gifts with the community. Spontaneous performances, interactive games, gourmet treats, etc…are all welcome and appreciated.. Be your funky avatar!  

Preparation Sessions

We will host 2 Zoom conferences to help you prepare the best way (it is mandatory for new comers to assist to one), on Thursday May 2nd at 7pm CET and Sunday May 5th at 7pm CET here:

Treat Yourself

We will offer a variety of one-on-one sessions for an extra fee during the event at the SPA area. You can pre-book a session online (please use the booking link in the confirmation email or info email), or during the event at the info point.


The Bazaar will showcase a selection of independent designers and their special creations. 

Protection Of Privacy​

To create a safe space, we do not allow pictures taken during workshops and where nakedness is present.


When taking pictures, please be smart and read the room (to not annoy people or spoil a special moment), ask for the consent of everyone on the picture, tag if you post the picture or story on instagram (again, with the consent of everyone) and never reveal or tag the place. More globally, i's great to have a few souvenirs, of yourself at the Hedo-Gala for instance, but please try and stay present and let your phones and the outside world... outside.

We will have nice professional photographers onsite during the event to immortalize some beautiful moments.


If you do not want pictures taken of yourself, please let info point know and they will give you a special bracelet.

What To Bring?

  • Water bottle and a cup

        We don’t give out cups at the bar, please bring your own or buy one from us at the location (10€)

        please bring a metal or multi-use-plastic cup, not glass, as people are mainly barefoot, minimum 0,3l.

  • Your plate and cutlery 
    As part of our efforts to create an environmentally friendly space, we will not be providing single-use dishes. A limited amount of plates and cutlery will be available for purchase at our info point at the event.

  • Yoga mat

  • Meditation pillow (optional)

  • Bug spray/ Sunscreen

  • It gets cold at night - please bring warm clothes and a sleeping bag

  • Hedo-Gala outfit and/or materials (eg. sequins, feathers, fabrics, etc.) to create your attire - including special Pink Glory attire.

  • Organic personal hygiene products, lets take care of ourselves and nature without harmful chemicals!

  • Camping gear and warm sleeping gear, the evenings will get cold

  • Earplugs

  • A basic first-aid kit

  • Slippers - Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the castle

  • Credit Card

  • A towel / sarong

  • Your own sex toys (dildo's, floggers, ropes, feathers, etc.)


Practice Safer Sex​

Nothing is more important in a conscious sex life than practicing safe sex. Caring for the health of our partners and ourselves is the highest form of (self-)respect one can exercise. Therefore we at Hedoné recommend and encourage all of our members and followers to not only use protection but also to get tested regularly.

Please be up to date on your STI tests before coming to the event.


Deliciously Naughty Open Mic

You are our guests of Love, and we believe that among you are rare talents just waiting to be shared, eager to connect with our "One Consciousness" at Hedone Convention Paris 2024. This year, we are thrilled to offer you the chance to shine on stage!  We are seeking bold and adventurous artists to take the stage and share your authentic expression, just as you are, One for all of us!   


Unleash your creativity and regale us with your kinkiest tale, erotic poetry, sensual short story, naughty comedic act, erotic body expression, melodious fleshly instrument, or sexy song! 


Whether you’re an experienced performer or a new talent waiting to be discovered, everyone is welcome to express themselves freely. We celebrate all perfectly imperfect, authentic expression!

If you feel the call to participate, please apply here.


We have a strict non-refunds policy. However, tickets can be resold to an already validated Hedonista (you can find someone on the Hedoné Paris Telegram Group). if you wish to do so, please send an email with the approved Hedonista as a copy to



For any specific questions, please contact


We are looking forward to welcoming you!


With Love, 


Hedoné Team



Photo by @efy.artist

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Safer Sex
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