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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS IT? The Hedoné Austin meetup is a small event organised by the Austin-based Hedoné e.V. collective. Hedoné is an artist movement based on ethical hedonism as well as an NGO that supports victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) by donating all profits to the project LOVE THE FLOWER, an artistic tool to eradicate this cruel practice. The Hedoné meetups are small events organized locally and have different formats. This first one in Austin is created around a ceremony. Starting with theory  dedicated to various activities such as workshops, talks and panel discussions that will explore methods and tools to reach emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and sexual balance and bliss. We then jointly celebrate the natural pleasures of life in a gala which is, simultaneously, a mass performance against FGM.

WHERE IS IT? A cute landhouse surrounded by nature  (30 min drive from Austin, The exact details will be sent by mail to the attendees).

WHEN IS IT? This Hedoné meetup 2023, which thema is “Mycelium Queendom”, will take place on March 22nd at 5pm, to March 27th at 5pm. As participating in both theory and practice is a key for a transformative experience, doors will close on Friday at noon. 

TICKETS:  Price of an Early Bird ticket is 333 USD and Regular Ticket price is 444 USD.​

Tickets cover the 5 days experience including 3 meals + ceremony and non alcoholic drinks.

(Accommodation not included)



GLAMPING SERVICE : 650$ (5 nights/price per tent - capacity 2 or 4pax )


ROOMS IN HOUSE : from 190$ to 600$ (5 nights/price per bed in dorm or private room for 2 or 4pax)


BRING YOUR OWN TENT : 150$ (5 nights)


PARK YOUR RV : 250$ (5 nights)


After your application is approved, we will send you info about rooms options.



3 Meals (2x dinners + 1 Brunch)  included in the Ticket price.

Fresh Vegan food will be provided at extra cost for brunch and dinner.

For additional nourishment, there will be snack on site.

Non-alcoholic drinks (Home-made tea & water) is complementary at every time during the event.

Cosmic drinks, fresh juices and herbal shots will be sold separately at the bar.

We don't have alcohol, you can bring your own, but it is not allowed inside the house, only outside



We accept Cash, Venmo & Crypto on site.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Participation is granted upon the completion and evaluation of an application designed to ensure potential participants are aligned with Hedoné´s purpose.


Consent is a Must. It is an affirmative, unambiguous and conscious decision by each participant; It is voluntary, and revocable at any times. Consent cannot be given when a person is incapacitated. We do not tolerate any kind of sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or abusive behavior. Be the highest, most loving and respectful version of yourself!

Leave No Trace.  Ethical hedonists are protectors of the earth, guardians of the oceans, worshippers of Pachamama. We request you to bring your own cup/water bottle, use bio glitter and always leave places cleaner than you found them. Single-use plastic is not permitted. Smokers: use a portable ashtray.

Be a Hedoangel.  Beautiful souls overseeing that magic and safety are maintained throughout the party, hedoangels are guards of high vibes who take care of the space and one another. Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, harassment or abusive behavior is not tolerated at this event.  Anything understood as such, as well as any violation of consent, will not be tolerated.

Gifting. Hedone is a participatory co-creational event. Guests are encouraged to bring and share their gifts with the community. Spontaneous performances, interactive games, gourmet treats, etc… are all welcome and appreciated.. Be your funky avatar! 

ATTIRE:  Our GALA is a mass performance representing the poem "De rerum Natura" costumes must evoque light and represent natural elements. Costumes are mandatory from Saturday at noon to Sunday, evening. We recommend to wear just confortable clothes the rest of the time.

If this is your first time at Hedoné, please refer to our PINTEREST for ideas and inspirations :

A few items will be available for sale on site, but we strongly suggest you come with one or multiple costumes ready.

ECO. LEAVE NO TRACE:  We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities. We clean up after ourselves and endeavor, whenever possible, to leave any place in a better state than we found it.  

PROGRAM: Full program is to be announced. 

VOLUNTEERING: Any extra helping hand is welcome, don't hesitate to join the crew if you feel like co-creating is your thing, it is highly appreciated.

REFUND: We have a no-refunds policy. However, cancellation from our side will be compensated with full refund.


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