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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Hedoné Retreat?

"The Hedoné Retreat, located in Izamal, Yucatan, is an annual event organized by Hedoné e.V., a collective of artists dedicated to the art movement rooted in ethical hedonism. Beyond its artistic pursuits, Hedoné serves as an NGO actively supporting victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). Additionally, the organization is engaged in the creation of an educational museum based on bio-construction, spanning 32 hectares in Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico.

This extraordinary site, known as Hedonia, not only hosts the annual gathering but also serves as a future permanent residency for the global community. The Hedoné Retreat in Izamal is a unique convergence of art, ethics, and community building."

Purpose and Contribution:

At its core, the event embodies the spirit of contributing to a cause larger than ourselves. Aligned with this principle, attendees are encouraged to give back by donating their art, talents, time, energy, or financial support in exchange for the experience. Emphasizing a shared commitment, attending Hedoné without empty hands is more than a choice  it's a collective dedication to creating a meaningful impact and enhancing the experience for everyone.


Retreat Structure:

The structure of the Hedoné Experience is divided into two integral components: theory and practice. The theory segment encompasses workshops, talks, and panel discussions aimed at exploring avenues to achieve emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and sexual balance. The subsequent parade and gala serve as a celebratory and performative platform, raising awareness about various aspects of human behavior that deviate from natural harmony.


When is the Retreat Happening?

The Hedoné Retreat 2024 is scheduled from April 19th at 1 pm to Monday April 22nd at 8 pm. Check-in is available from Thursday 18th afternoon to Friday 8 pm. Full participation in both theory and practice is pivotal.

Where is it Taking Place?

The enchanting setting is Hedonia, please visit  

Detailed location information will be sent to attendees via email.


Getting There:

Eco-friendly transportation options are recommended, including a bus provided by the organizers or train services. Private cars are feasible but require prior arrangements for parking.

Who Can Participate?

Participation is contingent upon completing an application, ensuring alignment with Hedoné's purpose. Understanding and adhering to the event's rules are essential, with any violations risking expulsion and blacklisting.

Rules of the Game:

Consent is paramount, and any form of discriminatory or abusive behavior is strictly prohibited. Ethical hedonism is emphasized, urging attendees to minimize their environmental impact, respect others, and contribute positively to the community. If you still not familiar with the concept of "CONSENT" please make sure you watch this video before attending Hedoné.













Eco-Conscious Approach:

A commitment to leaving no trace is emphasized, with participants urged to uphold this ethos and leave places better than they found them.


What Do I Need to Bring?

The dress code at Hedoné is not optional but mandatory. Please ensure you collect the necessary materials in advance, and assistance will be available at the event to help you create the desired look. Read the ATTIRE DESCRIPTION below. You can also sign up for the Fantasy Lab to craft your own headpiece or explore perfect pieces available for purchase at the Bazaar. 

Remember to bring your own cup and water bottle.


Camping is available around the hacienda, bring your own tent is free and we will offer glamping options. Limited rooms inside the hacienda are also offered, and accommodation in Izamal is possible too. Specific details on booking will be provided to ticket holders.

Ticket Information:


Thursday 18th: Grounding; arrival evening + welcome and rest

Friday 19th: Education; a day for talks, exercises and connections + Sensual Dinner

Saturday 20th: Pachamama Pilgrimage (day time) & Gala (all Night long)

Sunday 21st: Decompression; after hour + massage party + water flow + closing ceremony 

Monday 22nd: Integration


DRESS CODE FOR PARADE ON SATURDAY : Natural elements (flowers, leaves, feathers, shells, moss, etc)


DRESS CODE FOR GALA ON SATURDAY NIGHT : Natural elements combined with light color textile





All inclusive 555$ (Education program + meals included + water & tea + medicine at ceremony  + Camping "bring your own gear") Early Bird 333$ and Still Early 444$


Rooms in Hedonia: 5 nights 2000$ total (price per king ensuite room from Thursday 18th to Tuesday 23rd)

Accommodation in Izamal: TBA .

Volunteering Opportunities: Volunteer registration is open, requiring participants to complete four, three or two shifts during the event. A deposit is applicable and refundable upon successful completion of shifts.


Payments and Amenities:

We accept credit cards, cash, and PayPal. Alcoholic drinks are not included in the ticket.

Refund Policy:

While a no-refund policy is standard, event cancellation from our side, allows ticket usage for a future event or a complete refund.

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