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By Simon Burgel

  • 45 minutes
  • 50 Euro

Service Description

The Dorntheraphy profoundly changes your postural structure, Not only does it increase your momentary quality of life, it also aids one in preventing long term postural damage. Most people have a difference of 1-3cm between their legs. This is caused by the fact that the joint heads of the longer leg are not ideally located in the joint sockets. This in turn leads to a misalignment of the hip and a scoliosis of the spine. By applying defined pressure while the client moves the joint to be treated at the same time, the Dorn method moves the joint back into its actual position. After the treatment, the legs are the same length. Then the hip is brought into vertical and horizontal symmetry. Finally, the spine will be straightened. The Dorn-therapy can normally straighten your body symmetrically after one session. However, if your muscles have already adjusted to the misalignment, your poor posture will creep in again due to your asymmetrical muscles. Therefore, 3-7 treatments may be necessary for your muscles to adapt and maintain long-term symmetry in your body. - 45 min 50€

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