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Mi., 24. Juli


Castle near Leipzing

Hedoné Seminar 2024 PACIFORIA

Our legendary 5 days Seminar will take place one more time at the Cryptocastle, between Leipzig and Halle (Germany) This edition, PACIFORIA, will explore Peace and Euphoria.

Hedoné Seminar 2024  PACIFORIA
Hedoné Seminar 2024  PACIFORIA

Time & Location

24. Juli 2024, 15:00 – 29. Juli 2024, 15:00

Castle near Leipzing, Schloßbergstraße 56, 06636 Laucha an der Unstrut


About the event

Welcome to the serene realm of PACIFORIA, where mysticism and tangible beauty converge in a celebration that embraces a peaceful way of living. This year's edition of Hedoné invites you on a journey into luminal harmony, where the principles of peace, radical inclusiveness and boundless love gracefully intertwine. Experience the tranquil heartbeat of Paciforia, where the very essence of serenity invites you to release the burdens of the external world. Indulge in the pleasures of ethical hedonism, deriving joy from consciously chosen experiences that honor the interconnectedness of all living things. In the embrace of Paciforia, the divine feminine is honored through rituals and artistic expressions, embodying nurturing and intuitive forces that shape our existence.  Together, let us co-create a world where the principles of ethical hedonism guide us towards a future of profound harmony and enduring peace.

5 days experience 

Wednesday Jul 24th: Grounding; arrival + welcome + rest

Thursday Jul 25th: Education & Connections

Friday Jul 26th: Deeper education & Experiences

Saturday Jul 27th: Celebration (Hedoné Gala)

Sunday Jul 28th: Celebration (Pink Glory)

Monday Jul 29th: Decompression + Break down parade


The introductory part of the Hedoné experience is for gathering and sharing rational and emotional knowledge. It includes intimate talks and discussions by experts on topics that aid those on the quest to free their hearts and souls from the inhibiting constructions of society; art exhibitions, performances and workshops that present techniques and practices that support a loving (re)connection of the participants with a more harmonious, freer version of themselves – as well as with one another.


The second part of the seminar is a collective artistic experience inspired by Psychomagia, and consists of a performative initiation into an alternate reality, introducing individuals to newly acquired consciousness into practice enhancing the spirit and the soul. People are encouraged to express themselves through a musical program, interactive performances, guided group experiences and wellness spaces.

DRESS CODE: "Mandatory from Saturday to Monday" 

Saturday Gala: Natular elements mixed with light colored textiles 

Sunday: Pink Glory day; be pink and sexy, add some pink flowers please


Early Bird: 333€

General Admission: 444€

Late Bird: 555€

Rooms in the castle available at extra cost.

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