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Do., 09. Mai


Romantic castle close to Paris

Apply for A PARTICIPATIVE TICKET to Hedoné Paris 2024

This is the form for enthusiasts who believe in transformational nature of deep personal participation and wish to donate their time, energy and love to co-create Hedoné Paris 2024. Applications close Feb 15th. Confirmations will be sent to applicants by March 3rd EVENT DATES: May 9th - 13th 2024

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Apply for A PARTICIPATIVE TICKET to Hedoné Paris 2024
Apply for A PARTICIPATIVE TICKET to Hedoné Paris 2024

Time & Location

09. Mai 2024, 14:00 – 13. Mai 2024, 12:00

Romantic castle close to Paris

About the event


May 9th to 13th, 2024

Participative tickets offer you the possibility to access Hédoné Paris while giving your time, skills, love and energy to the Convention.  Depending on the number of shifts you choose to volunteer for, you have access to tickets at a degressive price. All participative tickets are paid along a deposit which will be refunded after the festival.

PARTICIPATIVE TICKET - 3 shifts (18 hours) - Ticket price 95 € + 425 € refundable deposit

PARTICIPATIVE TICKET - 2 shifts (12 hours) - Ticket price 250 € + 270 € refundable deposit

PARTICIPATIVE TICKET - 1 shift (6 hours) - Ticket price 400 € + 120 € refundable deposit


You can apply to join the team that represents you the most; we will try our best to allocate everyone in alignment.

As a volunteer you'll have to do 1, 2 or 3 shifts of 6 hours. We provide 1 meal and 2 drinks per shift.

Except for people during build & break down. (DECO)

WELCOME I Xenios bunch | The Greek god Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios in his role as a protector of guests. As a Xenian you will welcome guests, issue wristbands, provide basic information and work at the hedogold exchange counter, making sure all guests are well informed.  

BAR I Methe crew | Methe was the Greek spirit of intoxication and buddies with the wine god Dionysos.  Are you a cocktails wizard? Then join the Methe crew and help us keep the guests hydrated and happy. Volunteers with previous bar experience will have preference. 

CUISINE I Hestia team | The Greek Goddess Hestia rules over differents aspect of food and nurturing as the Goddess of the home. Hestians will be supporting the chefs in the preparation of daily vegan meals and the maintenance of the kitchen, the heart of a home. 

DECO I Hephaestus gang | Hephaestus was the God of metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans and sculptors. If you chose to join his gang, you will help the Team transform the Palace into the enchanted Hedoné sanctuary and return it to its original form after the festivities (shifts start up to 12 days before the Convention and end 3 days after).

ATELIER I Aphrodite squad | The squad of the Greek goddess of beauty, love and pleasure will assist with the creation of costumes and transformation of our participants for the day of the Hedo-gala, as well as ensuring everyone is adhering to the dress code during the celebration, adding a little magic glitter touch here and there. If you fancy crafting costumes, playing dress up with your friends and face/body painting maybe this is the team for you. 

FLOW I Hermes troop | The Greek god Hermes is the emissary and messenger of the gods. He is described as moving freely and fast between the worlds of the mortal and divine. As part of his troop you will be helping the whole event flow smoothly. Besides different preparation tasks, Hermes will be taking care of one of the most important jobs: keeping the palace beautiful and maintaining a trash-free environment. No job is too small or too big for a member of the Hermes troop. 

CARE | Hedo Angels | Hedo angels are the beautiful souls overseeing that the high vibes, magic and safety are maintained during the party. Every participant should act as a Hedo angel but some will wear the pin and make it their contribution to the event.  Hedo angels will fly around and their activities range from, but are not limited to:; keeping a caring and respectful eye on interactions to make sure boundaries are being honored. There will be a special squad of wingless angels. These will be holding space at the Haven where an empathy corner will be set up to welcome all hedonists that feel the wish to express an emotion, a concern, an insight or just want to take a break at a place where they feel extra safe.

RUNS I Iris team | The Greek Goddess Iris is a messenger of the gods and a personnification of the rainbow, described as being the link to the heavens and earth. The Iris team will be on duty to run errands outside of Hedone, take care of emergency supplies and make sure cohorts of Hedonistas have a safe travel to and from the premises.  

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